Agrarsolutions e.U. is a consultancy firm, dedicated to helping leaders solve critical strategic issues, enhance the brand of their companies and accelerate growth. We assist companies actively on gaining ground on the European market, provide them with essential support with export and import intentions and procure our clients with on their individual needs adjusted necessities.

We support our clients short or long term in the realization of projects and always intend to provide them with all our resources and a clear benefit. We understand the political and economic trends that impact the industry and have a respective track record across national boundaries and a variety of agricultural, industrial and business sectors.



  • Consultancy on business start-ups, transformation and reorganisation
  • Advise on strategic and structural adjustments
  • Development and adaption of corporate concepts
  • Development of business plans and marketing concepts
  • Financial Support
  • Coaching & preparation
  • Supervision of projects until successful implementation
  • Political support